We Machine Metal and Plastic Parts

Ultra Manufacturing, Inc. has been providing customers with quality machined parts for nearly 40 years.

Ultra Manufacturing’s roots were established in 1980 in South Bend, Indiana, as a part-time machining service in a small shop behind the home of one of its principles. In 1985 Ultra took wings and became a full-time machining operation in a 6,000 square foot facility and expanded once again in 1990 into a new 13,000 square foot full-service machining and manufacturing operation. In 2007 Ultra moved to a newer, more modern facility in Walkerton, Indiana.  In 2015, Mike and Tammy Austin purchased Ultra Manufacturing, Inc. with a commitment to build upon company’s foundation and expand Ultra to focus on giving customers excellent quality service and build on the potential to be so much more than just another machine shop

We have experience with metals such as Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Exotics, Stainless Steel, Plastic and Titanium and work with several quality processors to offer custom finishes including Heat Treat, Anodize, Nickel Plate, Paint and Powder Coat.

Our Team

We work as a cohesive team with overlapping skills, each with a specialty, but all of us able to pick up where the other left off and not skip a beat. We believe in personalized attention with our customers and strive to help them succeed as much as possible.

Mike Austin

Mike Austin has owned Ultra Manufacturing, Inc. since 2015 and has over thirty years’ experience in the manufacturing and engineering of metals and plastics.  Mike began his career with a North American manufacturer of propane tanks, Manchester Tank.  In this role he held roles in maintenance and manufacturing engineering.  In 1994 he joined Atwood Mobile Products, a world leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing appliances and hardware for the RV industry.  Mike held roles as Engineering Manager, Plant Manager and lastly Director of Operations.  In this role Mike oversaw multiple business units and locations in North America.  In 2008 he joined AmSafe Commercial Products, now known as Shield Restraint Systems, and served as its Director of Operations until leaving in early 2015 to form Austin & Austin, Inc.  With Shield Restraint Systems, Mike oversaw day to day operations of the global business units, including Asia and Europe, ensuring maximum efficiency, quality and productivity.  In May of 2015, Austin & Austin, Inc. acquired Ultra Manufacturing, Inc.  Mike is highly skilled at working with the customers to find better ways to produce parts, whether it be a better process, an improved material or a design change for easier manufacturing. 

Tammy Austin
Vice President and Treasurer

Tammy’s role on the Ultra team is to help develop, execute and lead the Ultra business strategy and to manage administration, accounting and human resources.  Tammy joined Ultra full time in 2016.  Tammy has nearly three decades of business experience and holds an MBA from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Loras College.  Most recently Tammy held the Division Controller role at KIK Customer Products, a contract manufacturer for national brands owned by some of the world’s leading consumer good companies.  Tammy provided financial oversight for nine manufacturing facilities in North America and Canada.  The 11 years prior to joining KIK, Tammy held the Director of Finance role at AmSafe, Inc, now known as Shield Restraint Systems, the world’s leading provider of safety restraint products for the aerospace, defense, specialty vehicle and child industries.  In the role, Tammy was responsible for the integrity of the financial information and systems, HR and Information Technology at locations in North America, Asia and Europe.  Prior to that, Tammy started her career at Atwood Mobile Products and worked her way up to Controller, leaving in 2004 to join AmSafe. 

Adam Gilpin
Plant Manager

Adam has been with Ultra for twelve years and is an integral part of the day to day operations.  Adam began his career with TK & Associates, a tool, die and prototype shop, where Adam did his apprenticeship.  Adam joined Ultra in 2006 and has worked his way up to Plant Manager.  Adam is highly adept in programming, set up and running of a large variety of machines, including Mills, Lathes and Swiss Machines from a host of manufacturers, including HAAS, MAZAK, TSUGAMI and HARDINGE.  Adam is also an integral part of our quality system, ensuring first piece inspections are completed, parts are inspected directly on the line and final inspections are done prior to shipping.